Send a Cow are delighted to receive ongoing support from Young Farmers' clubs from across the UK.  

With our shared love of all things farming, and following in the footstps of the Send a Cow founding farmers, we can work together to make a real and lasting difference to farming families in rural Africa.

Ugandan Orphans Project, Rakai District

Just one example of how Young Farmer's can partner with us to support fellow farmers in Africa, is through the Ugandan Orphans Project.

Working with orphaned or vulnerable children in the Rakai district of Uganda, this project will help 400 families to live sustainably from their small plots of land.

Through a mixture of skills training, livestock placement and on-farm practical and emotional support, we'll enable 1,862 people to become food secure, resilient and confident in their ability to meer their needs from the farm.

It costs just £290 to fund a family on their first year on this project.

Our support to Young Farmers

In return for a club's support, we'll be here to help every step of the way. Support includes:

  • Volunteer Speakers who can attend key meetings or conferences to engage your members
  • Fundraising materials and advice
  • Additional information on the work of Send a Cow and our current projects
  • Media support and guidance

For more information about how your club or district can support Send a Cow please contact Emily Lynch, Head of Community & Events at [email protected] or call 01225 876 918.