Time to stop poverty and hunger in Africa

Right now a child is falling ill because of malnutrition. A father is leaving his family behind to look for work elsewhere. A mother is going without food so her family can eat. Their family, their community is breaking down. People are becoming increasingly isolated. Their vision for the future is simply one of survival, with no hope of escaping poverty.

Believe in a confident and thriving rural Africa

Support our work and you will see a very different Africa. You will see communities tackling life’s challenges together. You will see families resilient to financial, environmental and emotional shocks. And you will see people that start with an ‘I can do it’ attitude, take firm control of their own futures.


“Life was harder than you can think. The children lacked good food and it was hard to stop them from falling sick. Today I am strong in every way. My life has been transformed”

Olivia, Uganda