The Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP) was conceived in the mid-1990s to reduce Uganda’s heavy reliance on the importation of vegetable oils, despite the good potential for domestic production, and to address the low intake of vegetable oils by the population.

VODP supports vegetable oil production, and also agro-processing and marketing. The Project is highly innovative and introduced a new crop to Uganda. VODP has addressed rural poverty by involving smallholder farmers in crop production and small-scale processing, improving the nutrition of the population through increased vegetable oil intake, and addressing food security through the growing of alternative cash crops for income generation.

The project is helping 4,945 households to produce oilseeds. Groups participate in the project for one year, and will be trained and progressed upwards in the value chain. Farmers are receiving training in production technologies; gender, environment and HIV mainstreaming; training in Value chain activities; training in soil and water conservation and sustainable farming techniques.

These farmers have added value to their soya beans by making and packaging a ground soya drink (kaawa), roasted soya and soya crackers!