The challenge

HIV prevalence is increasing nationally in Uganda and is particularly fierce in the Rakai district with 10.6% of the population testing positive, although this is conservative as the majority go untested.

There are currently thousands of children being cared for by elderly and frail relatives who are unable to do the physical work needed to grow food. The children themselves have no understanding of how to farm the land and so all are left desperately hungry

This food security vacuum often forces children into child labour. Some become street children, whilst others drop out of school. Girls are the most vulnerable and can end up in an early marriage or teenage parenthood, which traps her in a vicious cycle of poverty that can go on for generations.

How we will help

Over five years we are supporting children in groups of approximately 30 who live nearby each other. We are supporting them to envisage their future, giving them hope and the ability to support each other. Families become self-sufficient, food secure and resilient to climate shocks. We ensure that young girls have the same opportunities and boys and giving them confidence in their futures.

Watch our video to see how Kasiita and his siblings’ lives have transformed just two years into the project: