2015 has been a remarkable year for Send a Cow and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

The biggest highlight has to be the exciting news that we have been able to directly work with over 120,000 of Africa’s poorest people. That means we will have impacted on the lives of over 300,000 when you factor in smallholder farmers passing on livestock and knowledge.

We secured Department for International Development (DFID) support for our three month Planting Hope fundraising campaign. This means that every £1 we raised until 31 December was matched by the UK government. The money is still coming in, but we are hopeful that we can beat our £1m target, which when doubled means over £2m towards our vision of a confident and thriving rural Africa.

This year also saw the launch of our new five year strategy, Enterprising Africa. A lot has happened since we first put cows on planes in 1988. For a start we don’t put cows on planes anymore and while locally sourced livestock still plays an important role, it’s our a package of on-going support and practical training that is helping people change their lives forever.

But there is still a lot more work to do. We are seeing considerable economic growth in some African countries,  but Africa’s poorest people, in its rural areas, are in danger of being left behind. Around 220m people in Africa go hungry every day and nearly half of them are living on less than 80p a day. Our answer is to work with more people and strengthen the impact of our social, economic and environment programmes. To achieve this we have set ourselves the challenge of working with 1m people a year by 2020 and targeting five important themes: community, youth, dependency, enterprise and land.

We are going to have to treble our programmes and double our income to deliver it,  but with your continued support we believe we can do it.

Throughout the year we have shared some wonderful stories from our farming families and communities in Burundi, Ethiopia,  Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.  A staggering 97% of them report that they now have the confidence to provide enough food for their families. We look forward to sharing more news of their successes in 2016.

Meanwhile, please enjoy our quick look back at 2015 and accept our warmest, best wishes for a very Happy New Year.