The challenge

77% of Uganda’s population are under 30 years of age and the unemployed youth represent 64% of the total unemployed. Young women who are twice as likely to be unemployed than young men, and are more likely to be in unwaged employment due discrimination, limiting women’s access to education and employment.

Uganda is largely dependent on subsistence agriculture, but changeable weather conditions, land degradation, poor cultivation methods, lack of farm inputs and extension services have resulted in diminishing crop yields making the sector unattractive to the youth.

Young people have a lack of opportunities such as education, nutrition and health, often leading to poverty, low self- esteem and exclusion. As a result they do not fully participate in community activities or contribute to issues that affect them and are very susceptible to risky behaviour and can be a threat to social welfare.

How we can help

Send a Cow will work with vulnerable children and youth households to increase employment opportunities and income. This will be done through Savings and Internal Lending Communities, market links and life skills activities for youth and adolescent girls. We will increase access to services to help improve health, nutrition and education. The project will specifically contribute to the empowerment of orphaned, vulnerable children, youth and their care givers.

Other activities will include:

  • Financial education: training people about budgeting and personal finance
  • Improved access to education for young girls
  • Training in communication and Transformative Household Methodology
  • Access to apprenticeships for young people