The Orphans Project

This is Kasiita and his family, they live in Rakai, Uganda. Kasiita's the one in the yellow t-shirt. Their parents died 5 years ago when Kasiita was 15, since then he has been head of the household, but life has been a daily struggle for them.

Although they work long, hard hours each day, they still go without as they are not always paid properly for the work they do.

When asked what they plan to eat each day, Kasiita replies: “We believe in God and in miracles.”

Your group can be the miracle to families just like Kasiita's

There are many other orphaned and vulnerable children just like them in this region. Although there are adults nearby, they are mostly widowed or elderly, so there is no one else to look after them. That is why we are starting our Orphans Project this summer, but we need your help.  Just £62.50 will get 2 families started on growing the food they need to feed their families and give the children the chance to live happy and healthy lives.

Download these resources to help inspire your youth group

Ugandan orphans project  video

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