Why not celebrate your special occasions by helping to change the lives of some of Africa's poorest families? 

When supporters Liz and Peter Radcliffe celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, they asked their friends and family for donations instead of gifts: "Send a Cow quite simply gives people the dignity of being able to look after themselves - we can't think of a better use for the amazing £1,638 we raised thanks to the generosity of our friends and families." 

Whatever your celebration - birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, christenings - we’ll help you with fundraising tips for your special event. All you need to do is:

  • Set up your fundraising page on Everyday Hero – it’ll take a few minutes
  • Share your page with friends and family by email or through Facebook and Twitter. They can then pledge gifts including livestock, tools and seeds from our catalogue
  • Download invitations and posters to help you promote your event locally

The sooner you start building your celebration page,  the more time you have to promote it and fundraise. 

Ten year old Grace from London says: "I donated my birthday to Send a Cow because I wanted families in Africa to share my presents. We raised money to send goats to Africa. It was fun to imagine where the goats would live!" 

So, by supporting Send a Cow, you'll be turning your special occasion into a double celebration at home and in Africa. 

Send a Celebration