Send a Cow offers a number of opportunities to committed supporters who would like a greater involvement in our work. A key part of this is to show you the work in action through project visits or through a series of events here in the UK where you can meet like minded supporters and speak to our experts about our programmes. 

Project Visits

Send a Cow operates a carefully managed programme of visits to see the work in action. These opportunities are available where appropriate to committed donors who wish to be more deeply engaged in our work. 

Robert Stephens, a long standing supporter of Send a Cow visited Uganda in October 2014:

My visit to rural Uganda with Send a Cow Uganda was truly inspiring. I saw so clearly the hope and the means that is given to rural farmers, who have so much energy and courage in the face of poverty and deprivation. Through the well-designed projects, I saw how lives can be transformed: Send a Cow Uganda supplies the guidance, but it is the people themselves who turn it into action for sustainable change. And to see the way in which knowledge, skills and enthusiasm are passed on, so that the initiative is multiplied many times, was a noble example to us all, whatever our circumstances.



To enable our vision of a confident and thriving rural Africa to become a reality Send a Cow recognises the need for coherent understanding of development issues here in the UK. We have a dedicated Development Education team visiting schools across the country, but we also host a few exclusive events throughout the year to discuss development issues, to network and to draw like minded people together to share learning and best practice.

Our supporters will be invited to one or two events throughout the year; in the past these have included a networking drinks reception, a chance to meet our Country Directors and our annual Big Debate - the video below shows Jonathan Dimbleby talking at the 2014 Big Debate.