In the last 10 years, schools have raised over £1,000,000 to support our work - an amazing achievement.

This sum represents over 500 dairy cows, 12,000 goats or over 11,000 sheep which has had a huge impact on families across Africa, helping them leave poverty behind for good.

With your support, we can help to restore the hope and means for many more families.


Where your money goes

School children of all ages love to see exactly what the money they raise provides in Africa. Our gift catalogue is used by many schools to give children a tangible fundraising goal. Whether it’s a cow, goat or chicken children can see what their support provides.

What do teachers say about our fundraising activities?

The children really enjoyed taking part in Read to Feed, and it has been an amazing experience for me to see 7 and 8 year olds discussing how they will benefit families in Africa when deciding on their gifts.

I chose the Read to Feed scheme for our school because it provided the pupils with an added incentive to read lots of books, while raising awareness of the poor in Africa. It gave the girls such a thrill to know that their reading raised enough money to buy a whole farmyard!