Join us in Spring 2018 by challenging your students to take part in Read to Feed during March. Send a Cow's simple sponsored reading scheme encourages pupils to explore new books, whilst raising money to transform the lives of rural African families.

How to take part

We are asking students to get sponsored for every page, chapter or book they read. The book choices and timings are up to you– do it on a specific day or throughout March.

Simply register your class, school or youth group for FREE. You'll get access to curriculum based resources including African fables and an inspirational African inspired reading list full of literary gems for your students to discover. There's almost 40 books to choose from!

Your impact

By participating in Read to Feed your students will enable real and lasting change for families and young people in Africa. Through a proven package of ongoing support and training, alongside livestock and tools, you'll be giving families a helping hand out of poverty.