It’s been a demanding, but very exciting three months for everyone supporting Send a Cow as we aimed to raise £1m with our largest ever fundraising appeal. The pressure was on because the UK government was matching every £1 we raised -which meant we could double the impact of our life saving work.

So how did we do? Brilliantly. At the last count we have raised an extraordinary £1.15m pounds which when matched by the government, means £2.3m to ensure over 200,000 of Africa’s poorest people will have the hope and the means to thrive.

We couldn’t have done it without your amazing support and we have been thrilled and inspired by the things you have done to help us raise the money; the sponsored challenges, cake sales, talks and even Christmas shopping through our year-round gift site.

Your reaction to Planting Hope has given us even more hope that we can achieve a confident and thriving rural Africa. Thank you.