Kebele - small groups of families within Ethiopian towns that join together to access social benefits.

Send a Cow could not do what it does without the generosity of our supporters. If you are in a position to support Send a Cow with a gift of £5,000 or more each year then you have the opportunity to join Kebele and make a significant and lasting impact helping rural African families to overcome poverty, hunger and inequality for good. 

Kebele is a group of motivated and generous supporters who are coming together to invest and advocate for the work of Send a Cow. It is a rewarding way to give and make a tangible impact.

Download our Kebele brochure 

Our commitment to you

Every member of Kebele has a unique relationship with Send a Cow, which is determined by their personal interests and how they would like to become involved. This is important to us.

Kebele members have a dedicated contact within the Partnerships Team who will work with them to offer opportunities to gain a deeper insight about the work of Send a Cow.

For example Kebele members are invited to attend special events, meet programme staff, share their expertise, invest in specific projects, receive updates from our work and where appropriate visit a project to see first-hand the difference their commitment has made.

Contact the team

To start your conversation about supporting Send a Cow please contact:
Partnerships Manager Victoria Barnes on +44 (0)1225 871 940 [email protected]

If you are a UK tax payer Send a Cow will be able to claim Gift Aid making your gift go even further, find out if you are eligible below.