Strong people, vibrant communities

The farmers we help have had tough lives. Growing up poor and hungry, with little or no education, they lack the strength and the knowledge to farm productively. Poverty hurts people’s self-confidence, making it harder to overcome challenges. On our programme, farmers gain the courage and self-esteem they need to become successful and leave poverty behind for good. It starts with confident individuals – and ends with thriving rural communities, ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Dignity and self belief

People need to lead their own journey out of poverty. We simply facilitate the process. We help people, many of whom have never been to school, visualise a different future for themselves through art, drama, dance and more. We encourage men and women to ask questions about their role within the family. And we challenge the stigma of disability and HIV. Women feel their status rise and enjoy newfound respect. The whole community starts to believe in itself and the foundations are laid for successful farming projects. 

Increased family harmony

Families on the brink of starvation are under intense strain, which damages relationships. Women are overworked and disrespected. Young people caring for orphaned siblings feel helpless and isolated. Disabled people may feel they are a burden on their families. Our approach emphasises the valuable contribution every family member has to make. Husbands and wives share household chores and make joint decisions about spending their income. People who were ashamed of their low social status command the respect of their neighbours. As the pressure of poverty eases, family harmony grows.

Strengthened communities

Poverty has fragmented communities and left millions vulnerable and isolated. Working with groups, we tap into the strong community spirit that characterises African rural life. Regular meetings and training sessions pull together those on the fringes of communities into a robust support network. We work with existing community groups and, especially in areas of recent conflict, build new ones. Groups take control of their own progress, making democratic decisions about who should lead or be first to receive livestock.

Pass on

Every farmer starting our programme pledges to pass on the gift of training, seeds and livestock to another family in need. At first, desperate farmers find it unimaginable that they would ever be able to give to another family. As they grow in wealth, confidence and dignity, people come to recognise that they have the capacity to make a positive contribution to their community and sharing becomes a way of life.

For every one person you help, 10 more go on to benefit through this chain of giving. Your gift keeps on spreading through the community, bringing more and more people in need into a network of positive change.


When you give to Send a Cow programmes, you are doing more than just helping desperate people escape hunger. Your support improves the health, education, housing and happiness of a whole community as skills are shared and lives improved. As a result of your donation, women will be empowered and respected in their homes and their neighbourhoods, with the nourishment, confidence and money they need to become successful.

For every person you help, 10 more go on to benefit.