Pass it on logo (crop)5-11 December 2016 is Pass it on week here at Send a Cow. It's a week when we're asking you to be part of our pass it on approach.

Rather than asking you to pass on skills or livestock, we're asking you to pass on your knowledge of Send a Cow by giving your catalogue to one other person who hasn't already seen a Send a Cow Christmas catalogue. 

There are various - very easy - ways you can do this:

  1. Pass on your copy of the Christmas catalogue
  2. Forward the link to our gift website:
  3. If you've already used and thrown away your catalogue, ask us for a new one so you can pass it on: 
  4. Or download and print out this one-page sheet about our virtual gifts, ideal for sharing easily

Thank you for being part of the Send a Cow Pass it on story. We couldn't do it without you!