Partnerships are a crucial and exciting element of our work. Our partnerships are based on shared values or a shared vision to see farmers in Africa confident and thriving. Mole Valley Farmers, like Send a Cow, began in the south-west and like us the inception of the organisation was led by a group of innovative farmers responding in a practical way to challenges they faced at the time. Send a Cow is thrilled to have the support of Mole Valley Farmers. We began by farmer helping farmer and our partnership enables this to continue.

Part of Mole Valley Farmer's involvement is supporting Send a Cow's 'Planting Hope' campaign. In November 2015 four specially constructed keyhole gardens were built at the stores at South Molton, Holsworthy, Cullompton and Yeovil. The gardens were built by local primary school children, in conjunction with a Send a Cow specialist. After one month the gardens will be moved to each school and continue to be used as a practical demonstration about how techniques like this can help families grow vegetables all year round, linking in with our development education work here in the UK too.

Andy Skarzynski, Head of Marketing, was able to join Send a Cow on a project visit to Ethiopia in October 2015.  

The heartening thing that I will take from my week in Ethiopia is that the lives of some of the world’s poorest people can be radically changed with just a handful of low tech solutions and some practical advice. My overall impression of Send a Cow’s work there is one of great hope and potential. Firstly it is very cost effective, as every family passed their knowledge onto five others. Also the assistance given is very practical and sustainable. The keyhole gardens are a perfect example, yet they can prove a vital turning point, moving families from extreme poverty, to a small market garden business.

– Andy Skarzynski, Head of Marketing.


Above: Andy meets Send a Cow farmers (L) and the finished key hole garden at the South Molton store (R)

Mole Valley Farmers are continuing to support Send a Cow to maximise the doubling opportunity through our Planting Hope appeal. Across nine of their stores in the South West in the run up to Christmas they will be helping raise vital funds and awareness for Send a Cow.