If you are reading this perhaps you are someone who feels angry about injustice and inequality in the world. Do you have a heart for positive change and the means to do something for Africa’s poorest families? Perhaps you run a family trust or are passionate about making a long-term committment to alleviating poverty. Whatever your circumstance, if you have a vision to change lives for those in poverty in a sustainable way then Send a Cow can help you achieve this.

Our approach to poverty reduction is simple and effective and the difference your support will make will produce visible and tangible results from day one. It is not unusual to see dramatic changes in the health and wellbeing of the families in the Send a Cow programme within a matter of months – it is a truly inspirational journey to share.

Follow your heart

  • Our updates will bring your giving to life with stories and photos of the families and communities that we work with
  • Your donation will allow women to feel empowered, men to feel proud and children to have a future free from poverty
  • Within months of receiving your gift children will be washing their hands with clean water and eating nutritious greens following training from Send a Cow
  • With your support we can help communities become stronger and less vulnerable to the shocks and stresses caused by climate and conflict
  • Just as there is dancing and singing when a gift of livestock is passed on, we celebrate each and every donation that we receive

Follow your head

  • We are here for the long term, our projects typically last for five years, however a transformation can be seen in just one season
  • Because every person we work with passes on a gift of livestock, seeds or training to someone else in need, our projects represent excellent value for money and are a phenomenal investment opportunity: skills and knowledge are passed from neighbour to neighbour and from generation to generation
  • We are a lean and effective organisation, built on decades of experience
  • We have a proven impact as endorsed by DFID and New Philanthropy Capital, a result of vigorous monitoring and evaluation that helps us continually improve the delivery of our projects

What we can offer you

For donors who choose to make a significant gift to Send a Cow we offer these exclusive benefits to gain a greater understanding and deeper insight into our work:

  • A dedicated Partnerships Manager as your personal point of contact
  • Invitations to our special events and briefings
  • Recognition in our annual review if appropriate
  • An invitation to visit our work and to meet our expert teams on the ground and the farmers whose lives have been transformed
  • The opportunity to support an area of our work that you are passionate about

If you are considering making a gift of £5,000 or more then you might like to join ‘Kebele’, our programme of supporters who wish to make a major contribution through their donations, expertise and connections. 'Kebele' derives from the Amharic word for community zone, and the project is our way of extending our thanks to our supporters and involving them deeply in our work.

Contact the team:

To find out more about Send a Cow’s approach and opportunities to invest in our work please contact our Partnerships Manager, Victoria Barnes on +44 (0)1225 871940.

If you are a UK tax payer Send a Cow will be able to claim Gift Aid making your gift go even further, find out if you are eligible below.