Happy Easter!

We hope you have found our Lent resources useful. Please do let us know how you have got on with them!

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Reflection: Bible resources

The Bible studies, written by friends of Send a Cow, follow the themes of: Love your neighbour, the persistent widow, Jesus heals a woman, Jesus eats with sinners, Jesus blesses the children and Peter’s denial, culminating with an Easter reflection by the Bishop of Durham.

Action: Sweet Swap

family in sugar plantation

James lives in Kamuli, eastern Uganda. His family has been dependent on sugar cane since his grandfather’s time. He has one acre of land on which he grows sugar cane. It takes at least 18 months from the time of planting the canes to maturity.

When it’s ripe, his entire crop is filled onto just one lorry. For 18 months of work, a farmer earns only Ushs.600,000 (£120). Per month, that is just Ushs.33,000 (£6.50) for his whole family.

So much of the Kamuli district is dependent on sugarcane farming and is the reason why so many families live in poverty. 2016 marks the start of transformation for communities in this area, as Send a Cow has launched a new project to work with farmers in Kamuli.

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What you can do

You can put God’s love in action this Lent by taking part in our Sweet Swap in solidarity of those who are dependent on sugar growing.

All we are asking you to do is:

  1. Choose 5 sweet treats to give up over Lent (chocolate, sugar in your tea, alcoholic drinks…)
  2. Donate the money you would have spent on them to Send a Cow
  3. Or you could encourage others to sponsor you by setting up an online page at.
  4. All the resources are available to download here

For any further information email ann.hatton@sendacow.org