Action: Sweet Swap

Use this period of Lent to support the work of Send a Cow and give up sweet treats to help farmers make a healthy living from their land. Kamuli, in Uganda, is an example of an area that really needs our help. It is heavily dependent on growing sugarcane which, far from providing a living wage, traps its farmers in poverty.

What you can do

You can put God’s love in action this Lent by taking part in our Sweet Swap in solidarity of those who are dependent on sugar growing.

All we are asking you to do is:

  • Choose 5 sweet treats to give up over Lent
  • Donate the money you would have spent on them to Send a Cow
  • Or you could encourage others to sponsor you


To support your action and to learn more about the need in Kamuli you will find:

  1. Lent_Sweet_Swap_Fundraising_Explained.pdf
  2. A presentation introducing the Send a Cow’s work with sugarcane farmers in Uganda
  3. Lent_presentation_text.pdf
  4. Donation form
  5. Home collection boxes -  to receive one of these email
  6. Sponsorship form
  7. You can set up your online sponsorship form to support your fundraising



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