Mukaaya James’s family has been dependent on sugar cane since his grandfather’s time. He has one acre of land on which he grows sugarcane. It takes at least 18 months from the time of planting the canes to maturity.

When it’s ripe, the whole of that one acre is filled onto one lorry. For 18 months of work, a farmer earns just Ushs.600,000 (£120). Per month, that is just Ushs.33,000 (£6.50).

So much of the Kamuli district is dependent on sugarcane farming and is the reason why so many families live in poverty. 2016 marks the start of transformation for communities in this area, as Send a Cow has launched a new project to work with farmers in Kamuli.


1. A PowerPoint presentation introducing the Kamuli district and their needs

2.   A script for the PowerPoint



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