The resource provides an introduction to Send a Cow's history along with the seven countries that it works in with a focus on our work in Kenya. There are many engaging questions that can be used when using this resource to involve the students. A number of questions are provided within the resource notes.  

Through this presentation we share the real life story of Rebecca's family in Western Kenya who we've worked with and how their lives have been transformed. Rebecca is one of five children who are healthy and can attend school however life used to be really tough for her family. 

Our resource shows how in less than four years, Ruth and her husband were able to transform their lives and are now able to provide for all of their family through the vegetables they grow on their small plot of land. In the past the family might have eaten just one meal a day but Ruth now has excess which she sells at market to gain money to buy food and pay for her children's school fees. They've even been able to improve their home and install electricity. 

We believe our new resource works well for classes and whole schools; to share topics around life in Africa and the different ways that people live and how they have to adapt to the resources available to them. It will help pupils to associate with other's their age and understand comparisons about what's available to them and others. 

Along with our new Kenya resource, we have chosen some:

You can view more images of Rebecca's mother Ruth and other mothers in Kenya as part of our Mother & Child Exhibition.

Mother & Child exhibition