Send a Cow is delighted to benefit from the ongoing support of Inner Wheel clubs from right across the UK. Thanks to the fundraising and awareness raising efforts of your members thousands of families across Africa have already been given the hope and means to grow their way out of poverty.

Working with orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda

Our Inner Wheel Project for 2016-17 focuses on orphaned and vulnerable children in the Rakai district of Uganda.

Working closely with 400 households over four years, we aim to provide these children and their carers with all the practical training and support they need to grow food, keep clean and healthy, collect water and thrive. 

By partnering with Send a Cow on this project, your Inner Wheel can give children who have been through some of the toughest experiences imaginable the chance to live happy, healthier lives.

To find out more about this project please contact Alice Byron, Head of Community Development - by email or calling 01225 876918.

Resources for Inner Wheel clubs

If your club or district are interested in supporting Send a Cow we would be delighted to help. Here are just a few of the ways we can support you:

  • Volunteer speakers for your club meetings and conferences
  • Fundraising materials and advice
  • Additional information on the work of Send a Cow and our current projects
  • Media support and guidance.