A lasting gift for lasting change

There is no road that leads to my house. But Send a Cow insists on beating a path to my door. It makes me so happy to know that people know I exist now. The knowledge that Send a Cow has given me can never be taken away.

Sarah Nuana, Uganda

Imagine a gift that could transform someone’s life journey forever - with just a small gift in your Will, you can give families the hope and the means to secure their own futures from the land.

Why Send a Cow?

A gift to Send a Cow in your Will is life changing - you could help us to bring an end to poverty and hunger for families across Africa. Since Send a Cow started over 25 years ago, we have seen a million lives transformed by our work.

We know that your family and friends will always come first, but once you have secured their future, you could change the future of the hard working families in our projects. It all started with a cow, but look how far it has come! Our aim is long-term change, so we work hand in hand with communities providing livestock, training and seeds and the results are amazing; Africa’s poorest families leave poverty behind, for good thanks to you.

For more information on how a gift in your Will could help, please get in touch with Clare Diacono on 01225 874222 or email legacies@sendacow.org to request more information.

Not sure what gift to give?

Don’t worry; you can download our free gift guide will explain the different terms and how to word them in your will. Just take this along to your solicitor once you have made your decision.

Remembering Send a Cow in your Will

If you are writing a new Will and would like to leave a gift to Send a Cow. Please use a solicitor to ensure your wishes are clear and unambiguous. All you need are our details:

Send a Cow (Registered Charity No. 299717) of The Old Estate Yard, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BR

If you would like to add Send a Cow to your Will just download or request a codicil form. Your solicitor will advise you whether this is the best way to include Send a Cow (it may be easier to rewrite your Will or write a letter of wishes).

Are you an Executor?

If you have taken on the role as executor for someone’s Will and are not sure where to start, please get in touch or download our free guide.

Thank you

Our promise to you

We understand that leaving a gift in your Will is a big commitment from you to improving the lives of poor African communities in the future. It’s an amazing pledge and one that we take as seriously as you do. To show you how much it means to us, here’s our very own guarantee to you:

  • Send a Cow promises to use your gift in the best way possible in order to maximise the impact, and benefit as many families as possible.
  • We understand that family and friends will always come first, and that you can change your mind about a gift to Send a Cow at any time.
  • You are under no obligation to tell us about your plans, but we’d love to have the opportunity to thank you personally.
  • Any information that you choose to share with us will be treated in confidence and with sensitivity.
  • We promise to keep you up-to-date with our life-changing work in a way that suits you. Just let us know.
  • Most of all, we promise that a gift in your Will will make a real, lasting difference to the lives of some of the poorest people in Africa.