Community Groups

Community Groups have played a vital role in Send a Cow since our founding farmers sent the first cows to Uganda in 1988.

Since then we've been privileged to work with many wonderful groups from right around the UK; from Rotary clubs to golf clubs, Young farmers to Inner Wheels.

With your help we have been able to support two million people to rise out of poverty. Our aim now is to help another one million more people every year. Together, we can achieve this goal!

Watering the Future

Water is a major issue in the Kakrao region of Western Kenya. The region gets less than an inch of rain for months on end, leaving many families at risk of water shortage. When the rain does come, residents are forced to collect water from dirty, unprotected springs. More than 70% of families in this region collect water from dirty sources, exposing them to water-borne diseases.

Water is a human right which everyone should have safe, easy access to. Send a Cow has the solution to harness water for the community but we need your help.

We need your help to cap ten wells to ensure families are able to collect clean water. ‘Capping’ a spring means water is captured at source and diverted to a tap which protects the water from contamination and improves access for the community. We will also train families to harvest rain water and set up Water Committees to ensure the sustainability of the capped springs.

Fundraising ideas

Gardens for Life - Could your club hold a garden party or BBQ to raise funds for families in Kenya? If there are any budding gardeners among you consider organising an open gardens event, charging for entry and refreshments.

Walk to Water - Organise a club walking event with water as your destination - be it a lake, river or the sea. Inspire members by organising to meet local wildlife experts or visiting historical landmarks. The distance you walk could represent how far people in Kenya have to walk to collect water.

Hydrate and Donate - Choose to drink water at your club dinner instead of wine and donate what you would have spent on drinks to support families to collect clean water in Kenya.