The Foundation Series is a collection of research papers introduced to share 20 years of Send a Cow’s learning in Africa, and set out the foundations for a best practice approach to agricultural development that has small-scale farmers at its heart.

The series looks at the core components of the Send a Cow programme: social development, sustainable organic agriculture, animal wellbeing and climate proofing. It illustrates how each of the components is intrinsically linked.

In addition, the series used evaluations from a number of independent researchers to identify the elements of its programmes that have been responsible for transforming the lives of so many poor communities in rural Africa – whilst highlighting the areas that still need to be developed.

Importantly, the series will also illustrate how Send a Cow’s ‘pass-on’ system – a system by which livestock and knowledge are shared throughout communities – has resulted in the widespread implementation of best practices beyond the communities involved directly in Send a Cow projects. This includes those associated with activities such as animal care, gender positive behaviour and, crucially, environmental awareness.