Smallholder farming is the backbone of Africa: 70% of people rely on the land to feed their families and make a living.  However, poverty has seen traditional farming knowledge lost, forgotten or replaced with more intensive technologies.  Climate change challenges all forms of production. Too many families find that no matter how hard they work, they cannot make ends meet. Your donation will enable farmers to learn innovative techniques to boost production while working in harmony with the environment. The result will be a sustainable, thriving farming business resilient enough to survive drought and hardship.

Knowledge based farming

Families need a low-input, low cost solution. With knowledge, skills and a natural fertiliser in the form of manure, families have almost everything they need to take back control of their land.  Our training introduces natural farming practices that work in harmony with all of natures resources; people, land, water and livestock.  Communities start to reverse the impact of environmental degradation, and become more resilient in the face of climate shocks such as extended periods of drought or flash flooding. Being able to grow more, better, means a more diverse diet and improved nutrition. It also means increased farm biodiversity, and a reduction in the risks for families if one crop were to fail.

A new addition to the family

For many families, poverty has depleted their assets, so resources are sometimes needed to kick-start the farm again.  The gift of livestock, seeds or other assets has a huge impact on a poor farming family. Animals provide precious manure to fertilise soil, while milk and eggs give growing children nutritious protein and families surplus produce to sell. Livestock are also a valuable asset which can be sold in times of emergency. Before an animal is placed, farmers learn how to give them the very best care, food and shelter. Farmers hold celebrations to welcome the new arrival and the positive changes it will bring.

Thriving farms unite rural communities

The farmers we help are often marginalised in their communities, labouring on neighbouring farms for exploitative pay. We help families develop rural businesses that enrich the lives of their customers and workers. Successful farms not only provide food and income for the families that own them, but offer employment and nutritious food for local people too. Aspiring, confident farmers knit their communities together and bring lasting wealth and confidence to a region.