Rural Ethiopia is a place of hope and potential. It is full of untapped resources: people, land and livestock. And Send a Cow’s work is helping bring those together to revitalise families, communities and the environment.

This report is based largely on our work in the southern highlands of Ethiopia – a project that is now being extended thanks to Planting Hope. It demonstrates that:

1. Farmers are breaking free of a culture of dependency and despair. Within just one year of a three-year project, their confidence that they can provide for their families from their farms rises from 1% to 76%.

2. Our programmes are low input but high achieving. Our programmes generate more additional income for farmers than they cost. Severe food insecurity drops from 70% to 9% in just one year. Within three years, farming families’ incomes’ rise four-fold.

3.  Our approach is simple, innovative and relevant. Farmers can intensify production without damaging the environment: the percentage of farmers practising soil conservation rises from zero to 93% after just one year.

4.  Our work is easy to replicate. Farmers trained by us pass on their skills to at least five other families. 

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The Ethiopia Impact Report draws on research from an Independent evaluation from the African Studies Centre at Oxford University