"Rural Ethiopia is a place of hope and potential. It it full of untapped resources: people, land, and livestock. Our work helps bring those together to revitalise families, communities and the environment

This report is based on three years of date gathered in the southern highlands of Ethiopia. It also includes commentary from a highly positive evaluation of this programme by the African Studies Centre at Oxford University"

1. Farmers are breaking free from a culture of dependency and despair brought about by poverty, lack of education, and a culture of handouts.
2. Our programmes are low input but high achieving. Our greatest investment is time.
3. Our approach is simple, innovative, and relevant.
4. Our work is easy to replicate. As neighbours witness the success of farmers supported by Send a Cow they ask for skills and advice. Farmers sklls are being passed on to at least five other families.
5. Our impact lasts. 

These findings validate our approach - as well as areas for improvement - as we embark on a period of expansion and change. We want rural Ethiopia to be a place where all people, no matter their background, can live and thrive. We want communities to adapt to the effects of climate change. we want to end the desperate migration to urban areas and beyond an all too frequent event that tears so many families apart"

Aklilu Dogisso, Country Director, Send a Cow Ethiopia