Blackacre Farm Eggs and Send a Cow have teamed up to help crack poverty and hunger in Africa.

2p per 10-pack of eggs will go to Send a Cow and every £7 raised is enough to buy a chicken. Providing 200 eggs a year to eat and sell, and muck to help grow more food from the land, each chicken helps families to feed themselves and develop small businesses that last.

   Briony from Blackacre, pictured with our promotional packs.

Thanks to supporters like you, families are happier and healthier, children are educated and homes are improved. Whole communities are becoming self-sufficient, leaving poverty and hunger behind for good.

And for every one person Send a Cow helps another 10 will go on to benefit. How? These families will pass on young livestock, seeds or training to other families. And so on. And so on. This ‘Pass it On’ principle not only builds stronger communities, it allows Send a Cow to help even more people to develop skills, confidence and self-respect.

Masootho from Lesotho shows just how successfully this works, she can now add eggs to her children’s diets and has bumper vegetable crops!

Before, Masootho’s small amount of land was very rocky and produced nothing for her family to eat. Food was very expensive, and because she had no income she used to just sit at home with little hope for the future.

With the help of her group, Masootho built a chicken shed and soon after received training and 10 chickens. The chicken droppings have dramatically improved the soil so she can now grow an abundance of fresh vegetables for regular healthy meals. The sales of surplus eggs and vegetables mean that her children all attend the local school and that she can afford to buy soap and salt.

Over the next year we want to raise funds equivalent to the cost of 1,500 chickens to help families like Masootho’s, so a big thank you goes from all of us, to you, for your support.