A regular income releases poor farming families from the treadmill of poverty. Earning money means parents don’t have to choose between feeding their children and sending them to school. It means being able to buy soap, so you feel clean and confident. It means being able to save up for farm improvements like a plough or a water tank, so you can increase your income even further. For struggling people in Africa, the opportunity to earn a living gives life purpose and pleasure.

Small businesses that last

Send a Cow’s training programme includes training to develop their farm businesses. Training modules include financial planning, record-keeping, group credit schemes and marketing. This basic foundation enables farmers to feed their families and make a living, but some take it much further; diversifying crops and livestock, investing in a particular product to meet local market demand, or specialising in supplying to other farmers.

Lifting up the next generation

The top priority for struggling families is to make sure their children have the opportunity of a better life. Parents in need often face the heartbreaking decision of whether to buy food or send children to school: they can’t afford both. Increasing family income means having money to pay school fees, buy school uniforms and feed children well enough so they feel well enough to learn. This investment in the next generation gives parents confidence and hope that poverty will not run in the family.

A home fit for a family with a future

It’s hard to do a day’s work on a farm if you haven’t slept at night. Families with leaky roofs simply don’t sleep during the rainy season, because of constant drips. Being in a crumbly, dirty, leaking house is a miserable way to live. Send a Cow trains people to envisage the improvements they will make with their earnings: a concrete floor, an iron roof, or even a brick-built house. As they save for these things, people develop greater self-esteem and experience less hardship.

Connecting people. Accessing markets.

Send a Cow’s programme goes one step further than just giving families the ability to feed their families and earn a living. Farmers gain the skills to market their produce and set up co-operatives focused on a particular product. The whole region benefits from the availability of fresh, varied produce and vibrant business communities are built, offering employment opportunities, improved food security and improved wealth creation.

And all this gets passed onto others

Supporting us means starting a chain of giving that goes on, and on and on as families pass on young livestock, seeds or training to others. It sees your donation reaching even more people – and previously vulnerable people experiencing the joy of giving the hope and the means for a brighter future to other poor farmers too…

For every person you help, 10 more go on to benefit.