Over the past three years, Send a Cow has helped 9,500 farming families in Western Kenya to flourish.  By giving families the confidence, skills and means to eat well all year round and earn an income from their land, we have helped communities overcome the challenges they face.

Ruth from Kenya tending her crops

Ruth, a successful farmer in Western Kenya

You can read more about the impact of our work in Kenya in our latest impact report

About Kakrao

Now we want to launch a project in a new area of Western Kenya, Kakrao. Like the rest of Western Kenya, it has great agricultural potential. But due to a lack of skills and resources, families are going hungry, unable to provide for their basic needs.

Despite land size being greater than in other areas, much is under-used or left fallow. 46% of the population live on less than $1 a day. Added to this, the prevalence of HIV is twice the national average, which adds to the challenges families face.

Caren's story

For a grandmother like Caren, every day is a struggle for survival.  She was diagnosed with HIV/Aids in 2010 after suddenly falling ill. She returned home devastated by the news, faced with having to support her children and grandchildren on her own.  

The antiretroviral drugs Caren had been given made her extremely hungry, but she was wasn't able to grow or afford enough food. Living in a remote rural village, it was already a challenge for her to find enough food for her three grandchildren, and HIV has become another burden to bear.

Caren and her family from Kakrao

"The medication makes me sick yet I still have to work for my children to get food.  My only prayer is to feed them and take them to school with dignity."   Caren Adhiambo

Send a Cow can make a difference

We know from experience that we can help families lift themselves out of poverty for good by:

  • supporting communities to conserve natural resources
  • building confidence, particularly for women
  • giving intensive training in farming and small business management.

This new project will work directly with 600 households. It will reach a further 1,185 families through community activities, such as spring water capping, improving access to HIV counselling, and passing on livestock, seeds and knowledge. 

Would you like to help?

If you would like to discuss funding opportunities to help launch this project,  please contact Rob Grimes, Head of Partnerships, on 01225 871911