May 30, 2018


Send a Cow has been working in Kenya since 1996 and has had a huge impact on thousands of the poorest families.

We work in the underdeveloped Western Province of the country – which is a world apart from its better known beaches and safari parks.

Kenya's population has tripled in the last 35 years putting pressure on the country's resources and leaving its youth particularly vulnerable. The impact of climate change is having a devastating effect on farmers in Kenya. Unpredictable rains and droughts are damaging crop cycles and pushing the price of food up. Insect pests and parasitic weeds also have a damaging effect on crop yields.

More than three quarters of the population live in rural areas, relying on agriculture for food and income. But, the unpredictable climate means families are going without food, with many slipping deeper into poverty. Although 42 million people work in agriculture, only 10% of the land is arable.

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"In my journey with Send a Cow I am mostly proud of being self-reliant. For this I thank God, because I beg no more; hardly do I leave my home; I eat any food of my choice; I use clean energy for lighting my home; my home hygiene an sanitation has improved; I have good, valuable skills; I am respected in the community and my children are healthy and attend school."
Ruth Wealth Creation Project, Kenya

Our Impact

60% of people are now food secure, a huge increase from just 6%
Almost 90% of women now say they are involved in decision making, and incredible increase from just 36%
The number of people hopeful for the future has almost doubled to 99%

Kenya Trustees

Send a Cow | Joyce Majiwa

Joyce Miguda Majiwa (OGW) (SC) is an advocate of the High court of Kenya with extensive experience in the working with civil society organizations. She is a Senior Counsel and a recipient of Head of State Commendation of the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya in in recognition of exemplary service to the legal and public service and human Rights work in Kenya.

Send a Cow | Lucas Wadenya

Lucas Wadenya is a Community Facilitator with rich experience in development. He led a Governance and Resilience programme in the Greater Somali and South Sudan.  He is an expert in Community Based Health Financing in Eastern Africa which is a contributor to Universal Health coverage in Kenya and the World. He is currently the Team Leader of Support for Tropical Initiatives in Poverty Alleviation, Kenya.

Send a Cow | Isaac Litali

Isaac Litali is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya;  a Certified Public Secretary of Kenya ; and a holder of a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, in Scotland, UK.  He is also a Member of the Kenya Institute of Management (MKIM).