Kasiita, in the yellow t-shirt, had to grow up really quickly when his parents died of HIV five years ago. At the age of 15, he was left to look after his five siblings. In order to provide for the family, the three eldest children were forced to drop out of school and work on local farms.

Five years on they find a life a real struggle. They work long, hard hours for very little. They eat poorly and fall sick regularly, often using the money to buy medicine rather than food.  But when asked about what they plan to eat each day, Kasiita's replies: “We believe in God and in miracles.”

Together we can be that miracle in their lives, and the lives of others just like them. By supporting Send a Cow you can ensure they have enough food to eat each day, giving them the chance to live healthy, happy lives.

We need your help!

It doesn't cost much to provide families with the skills and knowledge to grow the food they need to become self sufficient:

£156.25 will fund five families for the first month of this five year project

Could your church be part of the miracle for families like Kasiita's?

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Mission partnership

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Download a photo of the family and a copy of what they dream for their future.