By making Send a Cow your school's chosen charity, your students can give orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda a better chance of a happy and healthy future.

Your impact

Schools that choose to work with Send a Cow through this initiative will support our Ugandan Orphan Project, helping parentless children in the district of Rakai. This is an area that has been ravaged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, leaving thousands of children orphaned with many being cared for by elderly relatives.

This initiative enables your students to directly help other children have a better future.

Our support

As your chosen charity Send a Cow will provide a tailored package of fundraising materials, educational resources, project information, the offer of school talks and support every step of the way. With a longer term engagement, you'll be equipped by us to help your students see the positive and lasting impact of their fundraising.

Please get in touch if your school would like to make Send a Cow your chosen charity, call us on 01225 874222 or email the team.