Cheese brand Cheeky Cow is proudly supporting Send a Cow to help hoof out hunger and poverty for good. By choosing Cheeky Cow cheddar-style half fat cheese on your next food shop, you will be triggering a 5p donation to Send a Cow.

Funds will be used to give poor, vulnerable families in Africa the tools, knowledge and skills they need to grow enough food to eat and sell, develop small businesses that last and become self-sufficient.

At Send a Cow, for every one person we help another 10 will go on to benefit. How? These families will pass on young livestock, seeds or training to other families. And so on. And so on. This ‘Pass it On’ principle not only builds stronger communities, it allows Send a Cow to help even more people to develop skills, confidence and self respect.

Each £750 we raise is enough to fund a dairy cow for a family in need:

So by providing milk to drink and to sell, and ample manure to improve their food crop harvest, every cow makes a huge difference to an African family!

Thank you for your support of our exciting partnership.