The Challenge

Burundi has an urgent need for development. It is one of the hungriest countries in the world, where 90% of people depend on agriculture for a living but 67% of people are malnourished.

It’s estimated that around 1.5 million people are food insecure here, mainly due to poor weather, low investment and plant disease. Yet Burundi’s problems are also rooted in history: its agriculture was devastated by the 1993 – 2005 war – the culmination of decades of inter-ethnic conflict.

Today, climate change, crop disease and the over exploitation of soil have only added to its difficulties.

The Approach

Burundi is a relatively new challenge for Send a Cow, and our work there has only just begun. Operating from neighbouring Rwanda, our staff are already drawing on their experience of working with communities torn apart by conflict, as has happened in Burundi.

Initially, 63 families are starting to work with us, and we plan to expand in coming years. They will receive training in social development, agricultural skills, and natural resource management, before receiving goats or dairy cows.

The Impact

Our objective in Burundi is to promote improved household livelihoods and food security, through the building of strong communities and farmers’ organisations.
With time, these groups should be able to manage their own development initiatives in an environmentally sustainable manner.

To address the communities’ needs comprehensively, Send a Cow will employ its integrated and holistic approach of livestock management, sustainable agriculture and gender and social development.