Thank you to everyone who has supported Send a Cow in 2017. Whether you swam, cycled, ran, baked, sang, shovelled snow, collected cow pats, bought a gift, supported an appeal  or simply talked about Send a Cow's work – you have made an incredible difference to farming families in Africa

2017 was a record breaking year for Send a Cow. Our income grew by 6%, enabling us to spend more money in Africa than ever before. This meant we could work with 500,000 people – our largest ever reach in Africa. None of this could be done without your invaluable support.

You helped give 20 families a cow for our Name my Cow appeal

Stephanie’s life had not been easy. Widowed during the Rwandan genocide, she cared for her four children and depended entirely on a small patch of land for their future. Training from Send a Cow helped Stephanie to grow fruit and vegetables to eat and sell. But, she struggled in the dry season and was hoping for a cow to help her through challenging times.

Back in spring, we asked for your help to name and place 20 cows with families like Stephanie’s in Rwanda. The response was incredible, with people busy fundraising for the £650 it costs for a cow.
All 20 cows were bought and placed with the families in Rwanda.

Stephanie was delighted with her cow Sebahive:

When we received the cow it was a dancing day – it was joyful and we danced a lot. I have manure and I will use it on my next harvest.

Kasiita’s life has completely transformed

Rakai has some of the highest rates of HIV and Aids in Uganda. Kasiita and his five siblings lost their parents to the disease when he was just 15 years old. He had to drop out of school and become the head of the family.

But thanks to your support, Kasiita and his siblings are now thriving. They have built flourishing gardens and are keeping happy and productive livestock. They now eat a healthy, diverse diet from their own land.

Kasiita and his siblings earn money through selling left over produce from their farm and digging for other farmers. Not only can they use this income for medicine, but they are now reinvesting in their farm. The family started with just two chickens, and now have eight. Each chicken costs 10,000 Ugandan shillings, equivalent to about £2. Before they joined Send a Cow, a whole day’s labouring for the siblings would earn them just half this amount.

They also welcomed a cow, Benah, to the family! Not only will she provide milk for the family to drink and sell, her manure will help increase their vegetable production.

Thanks to your continued support, we are able to share stories of success like these. Here’s to a fantastic 2018!