Thank you to everyone who has bought a gift, made a donation, become a Family Friend, run, cycled or given up sugar for us, fundraised for us, and talked to people about what we do this year… However you’ve supported us in 2016, you have made a huge difference and we are incredibly grateful to you.

In a year full of division and negativity, you have helped us prove that poverty, hunger and inequality are not inevitable. You’ve helped us show how, with the right support, some of the most vulnerable people can help themselves and each other. Here are just two of the amazing transformations you’ve been part of this year.

You've helped Faridah and James turn their lives around

James, Faridah & Mebra, Kamuli, UgandaWe told you about Faridah Nangobi and her husband James in our Spring appeal. Living in Kamuli, Uganda and growing nothing but sugar cane, times could be very hard. Faridah sometimes had only sugar cane for her children to eat, and was forced to feed her baby sugar cane vodka to keep her from crying.

Faridah and James have come a long way in less than a year. Walking up to their house you can tell they've been working with Send a Cow. Their compound is clean and tidy, and so is their appearance. They have a latrine, a tip tap and are growing vegetables, so the family can now eat well.

They've been able to build a new kitchen, with a fuel saving, smokeless stove, which is already benefitting the family’s health. They are confident that their children are going to be able to get an education. And they are working better together as a result of the stronger relationship they now have.

Faridah, James & their children, Kamuli, UgandaA sense of community is building in their village too, as their neighbours come to use their loo and tap, and are asking how they can build their own.

Above all, Faridah and James now have hope. And that's thanks to the amazing amount of support you gave them.

Thanks to you, Kasiita knows he isn't powerless

Our Orphans appeal told the story of 20-year-old Kasiita and his five siblings. Living in Rakai, Uganda – the place where AIDS first appeared in Africa – they had been orphaned for five years when we met them. They were struggling for survival on a daily basis, eking out a living as best they could.

Kasiita and his siblings, Rakai, UgandaWe started work with Kasiita this autumn, so it's still early days. But the family has worked really hard, already digging a pit latrine and building a bathing shelter. The ongoing drought means that Kasiita hasn't yet been able to plant anything. But he has dug various types of kitchen compound on the family's compound in anticipation. In the meantime, he has been learning everything he can about farming and has big plans to plant cabbages, aubergines, tomatoes and green peppers for the first time.

Kasiita has also been trained to be a peer farmer trainer. His face lit up when he told us how much people appreciate what he has to offer with all his newly gained knowledge. In just the first three weeks after the training, he was able to pass on skills and knowledge to 10 other people!

Kasiita starts work, Rakai, Uganda

It was wonderful to see how much difference his enhanced status within the community has made to Kasiita. And again, this has been possible because of you.

Thank you for supporting Send a Cow this year. You have helped us bring to life the untapped potential of Africa's land and people. And we know that the difference you have made this year will have a lasting impact, thanks to the unique way we work.

So thank you for making it possible for us to tell these fantastic 'good news' stories this Christmas!