Eleanor Simmons, Policy Comms Manager, Send a CowWe've recently published our new report into the Kenya Wealth Creation Project, largely funded by UK Aid. Policy Communications Manager Eleanor Simmons picks out her highlights:

"If you only have time to read two parts of our new report Our Impact in Kenya, I know instantly which I’d recommend: our data on hunger months on p.7, and Beatrice’s story on p.9-10.

Of all the remarkable findings, these were the pieces that brought our work to life for me as I compiled this report.

The hunger data

Kenya Impact Report hunger months infographicThe number of average adequate food months has risen from eight before the project to 11.5 afterwards. Even viewed purely as a statistic, that’s an impressive rise: 44%, or almost half as much again, in just three years.

But that statistic became even more breathtaking for me once I tried to think what that would actually mean for that mythical ‘average family’.
Instead of a third of the year going to bed hungry, it’s a mere fortnight (and I’ll admit I’m glad my family doesn’t even have to go a fortnight without enough food). During that time you can probably see the crops ripening in the fields and know that a good dinner will be on your table shortly. You know that although your children might be miserable for a while, they are not growing up stunted or wasted.

You also know that you are capable of changing your life, and that in a few more years’ time even those annual two weeks of hunger may be a distant memory.

Beatrice’s story

Beatrice in Kenya, photo by Fredrik LemerydBeatrice Auma Ochieng’s story helped me envisage how this type of change must feel.

She is a young widow who, a few years ago, saw her daughter almost die from malnutrition. (As a parent, I find that thought utterly unimaginable.) But now, after training and a cow from Send a Cow, she says:

I do not lack or miss any food. I eat whatever food I wish to, much of it produced at home.

Hunger, and the fear of hunger, is no longer the focus of all her thoughts and efforts. She’s working hard, saving money, and planning on giving her daughters the best possible education.

Send a Cow’s impact reports

This is the fourth impact report that I’ve worked on at Send a Cow. I love working with the teams in Africa to showcase the powerful impact of their work.

I love seeing all those huge percentage increases emerge from the data: money, savings, assets, gender equality, life satisfaction, sanitation, confidence. I’m proud that Send a Cow is now able to measure our programmes like this, and that these statistics are validated by independent experts.

And I’m also proud of the humans behind the statistics: farmers like Beatrice, and staff like Titus Sagala, Sylvia Owino and Alfred Juma, who are all introduced in the report. Their rapport is amazing. They are what makes Send a Cow so special, and what makes compiling these impact reports a joy."

You can read more by downloading the report.