2018 is set to be our biggest and best Bath Half Marathon yet! As our home town event and to mark our 30th anniversary, we're aiming to have our biggest ever team running for us. 

We asked two of our runners why they are supporting Send a Cow. The 2018 half marathon will be Steven's first with Send a Cow and Hennie's third!

Steven Faux

Why did you decide to run the Bath Half for Send a Cow?

It’s always fun running the Bath Half. I decided to run for Send a Cow as I’d known about them for quite a few years and have organised fundraising for them in the past.

What do you think of Send a Cow’s work in Africa?

It’s sustainable – helping people by working with them and enabling them to take ownership of their lives. It’s important for their dignity and long term living that they can do this, rather than just parachuting stuff in and expecting them to thrive.

Do you have a personal connection to farming and/or Africa?

I went to Tanzania this summer with the youth group at my church through a different organisation. We helped build sheds for goats being given to families. It was my first trip to sub-Saharan Africa and it really gave me an insight into the sort of struggles they face.

I also really enjoy gardening. I used to work in London for the BBC, and my flat had a garden which was overgrown. I cleared a patch and used to grow some vegetables there- living in London, I found it therapeutic to have this little patch to care for.

Are you an experienced runner?

Yes, I have run the Bath Half as well as the London Marathon. This year my daughter Imogen will be running with me!

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Hennie Symington

Why did you decide to run the Bath Half for Send a Cow?

I’d never run before, until I was 50 and my sons said to me "everybody can run mum," so they taught me how to run. Then I needed a focus, so the boys said "we’ll run the Bath Half with you," and we chose to run for Send a Cow.

I really think this charity is fantastic. It was a double thing, getting fit and running it for the charity.

What do you think of Send a Cow’s work in Africa?

Rather than showing the negative, they show what can be done and the results. Personally I find this makes me want to help more. You see people with so little and yet so much joy. That’s why Send a Cow keeps going well, even if people get a cow there’s still the focus on the community.

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