Their clever vertical design means Bag Gardens can grow up to 50 vegetables at one time!
Bag Gardens are a great way to start growing or to liven up your existing patch. They are a sack filled with a mixture of compost and soil around a central column of stones. Water is filtered to the vegetables planted on the top and in the sides – and voila, you have a multi-storey vegetable garden!


  • Bag Gardens are a simple, fun way to start growing your own – we even sell the kits! 
  • They help you to grow more veg – saving money and food miles too 
  • You don't even need a garden – a sunny doorstep or patio will do 
  • They are a great way to use waste water 
  • Easy to manage and maintain, they are great for children and people with disabilities 
  • They are weed free! 
  • Because the bag can be composted, they are really friendly to the environment!

Buy a Bag Garden

If you would like to make your own bag garden, we sell starter kits for £12 which have everything you need to start creating a bag garden. 

Your starter kit contains:

  • A hessian sack
  • 3 different types of organic vegetable seeds
  • Instructions for creating your bag garden

To order your bag garden call us on 01225 874222