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Viola suffers from hydrocephalus and physical disabilities.

Since she was young, she’s endured discrimination and mistreatment at every turn. However, since joining the AWDA project, she’s gone from strength to strength.

With your support, more people like Viola can transform their lives for the better.

When she was first at school, Viola suffered from recurring hygiene-related illnesses and was forced to drop out early. Her school couldn’t cater for her additional needs and the poor conditions meant that she regularly fell ill. Her parents didn’t have the funds to take her to hospital for treatment.

Now, Viola’s family have received a diverse range of training, including in hygiene, sustainable organic agriculture, and disability rights. They grow their own vegetables, have a healthy diet, and practice good hygiene. With plentiful, nutritious food, Viola has grown strong and is much healthier. And with encouragement from project staff, she now walks without support and engages with the family’s farming work, developing her own agricultural skills and knowledge which will last her long into the future.

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“My siblings loves me more. My parents love me. Everyone loves Viola. I no longer fear my disability.”

Viola Uganda
Send a Cow | Viola smiling

The family’s relationships have improved too. Viola is much more involved with the family and around the home. Her mother, Elizabeth, says that her siblings respect her more and know how important she is to the family.

Viola has been given a voice, and she “makes people laugh endlessly,” Elizabeth tells us.

Having established a successful farm, and saved money from selling vegetables at market, Viola’s family can now send her back to school. She’ll be able to attend a school that caters for her additional needs, including good hygiene facilities, so that Viola can stay healthy and continue her education.

“I have been told that I will go back to school. I will be so happy.”

It is the generous support of people like you that make transformations like Viola’s possible. With your continued support, struggling families in rural Africa will be able to grow their way out of poverty and create their own brighter futures. Thank you for giving families like Viola’s the opportunities to flourish.

You gift could mean more stories like Viola’s can be told and more voices heard. Thank you.