Farmers in Uganda are struggling to feed their families. They lack knowledge, resources, and support. Time is running out to get a harvest.

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There is nothing more painful for a mother than when your child asks for plain food and you don’t even have that.

Five years ago Mary Nassolo’s husband died of a heart attack. She was seven months pregnant. His death devastated her and their children. His business collapsed, they lost the support of his family and had to move to a small rural hut.

Mary was alone with seven children and no income. Mostly they struggle.

Mary needs a harvest for Life. But what does this look like for her? Friends, training and time. You can give all three.

Send a Cow is the first to truly listen to my story.

Six months ago, Mary became part of a Send a Cow group. This network of friendship is essential in her new venture. They meet every Monday, offering support and encouragement.

Each farmer has been given vegetable seeds and seedlings to grow, together with the know how to nurture them. Mary and her fellow farmers are well on their way to their first harvest.

You can support farmers like Mary to get not one harvest, but a harvest for life.

“There is so much promise and the future is shaping up, thanks to Send a Cow.” Mary Nassalo

Send a Cow need to work with farmers like Mary and her group for 3 to 5 years. Our experience shows this is one of the best ways to ensure families become truly self-sufficient.

Will you support Mary and farmers like her to complete their journey?

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