We have just published our Annual Report, covering July 2015- June 2016. It was a busy year for us, and despite a number of challenges, we made real progress on many fronts.

With your help we raised an incredible £6.5 million during this year. £1.17million was raised in the Planting Hope Appeal which, when matched with UK Aid from the British people, reached a record breaking £2.34 million.

Matali Thaba, Leribe, Lesotho (medium)
"We formed a group with a vision and a mission. As members, we now have dreams for our families - and we know how to fulfil them." Matali Thaba, Project Leribe, Lesotho

During the year, we helped 21,600 smallholder farmers and their families lift themselves out of poverty. With an average family size of six, around 130,000 people were directly affected by our work. Including the 20,000 households we worked with at community level and the indirect benefits to everyone in their communities, we calculate that we had a positive impact on the lives of 379,200 people. This was more people than ever before in a single year.

Another record was spending more of our funds directly in Africa on programme delivery than ever before. £5.5million of our total expenditure of £6.8 million was spent on our charitable activities.

Some highlights from the past year

  • We launched eight new projects.
  • We secured funding for three new projects working with 22,000 households of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.
  • Thanks to your generosity, our emergency drought appeal for Lesotho raised over £90,000 in February.
  • In Uganda, our project funded by DFID’s Global Poverty Action Fund showed a significant increase in women’s influence in their households and communities – the figure had increased to 99%!
  • Send a Cow was awarded a Best Practice Award by the President of Ethiopia, (the only international NGO to be honoured in this way).

What we’ll do next

Our aim now is to work with more farmers and households than ever before, scaling up our group work and expanding our work with communities. To do that, we’ll need to:

  • raise awareness of the effectiveness of our work, which will
  • inspire more people to support us, which will
  • increase our annual income, so we can work with more farmers and households.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year and enabled us to make such a difference. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Our CEO Paul Stuart introduces the Annual Report in this video:

You can download the report if you would like to read it for yourself.