Our Ambassadors are another group of people who are deeply involved in Send a Cow’s Pass it on approach. They are volunteers who represent Send a Cow in their local areas here in the UK and many of them have travelled to Africa at their own expense to see our projects for themselves.

Their visits lead to two more kinds of passing on: the farmers pass on their stories and enthusiasm to the Ambassadors and the Ambassadors pass these on when they talk to groups and individuals back home in the UK.

Wendy Martin, Ikaheng & Maratsebe (web)Wendy Martin recently came back from a Send a Cow Ambassadors trip to Lesotho. Known as ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’ as it lies at least 1000m above sea level, it’s a small, stunning country in southern Africa. “The terrain is beautiful - but challenging for the tough determined Basotho farmers we met,” said Wendy.

She and her fellow Ambassadors visited a number of Send a Cow farmers and were moved and impressed by the enterprise and resilience they saw.

One of the farmers who made a huge impression on Wendy was Mankopane Seleteng, member of a group in the Southern Uplands. “Her community has been self-sufficient for the year since their Send a Cow training ended, and it was great to see how much progress they had made.” A table laden with dried and bottled fruit, honey and dried beans and pulses was a sign of their success.

Mankopane Seleteng, LesothoAged 57, Mankopane had planted 400 peach and apple tree seedlings, each in its own shallow square pit on the hillside. When asked about watering, she explained that twice a week, starting at 6am, she takes her wheelbarrow and jerry cans to the community borehole with a tap 15 minutes walk away. She uses the water to water each seedling carefully, repeating the process until 12 noon.

Wendy speaks with real respect and admiration about what she saw in Lesotho. She told us, “I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to meet all these determined individuals, and to be part of such an effective organisation as Send a Cow.“ We are thrilled that she has come back full of enthusiasm, ready to pass on her experiences to people here and help bring our work in Lesotho to life.

Find out more about becoming a Send a Cow Ambassador: www.sendacow.org/ambassador