The challenge

This project works specifically with women and girls with disabilities. Disabled people in Uganda are among the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the country. They are often isolated and excluded from society.

Discrimination against people with disabilities coupled with gender inequality limits women’s access to resources such as land and property. They also lack access to financial services such as savings and credit. Living conditions are far worse for people with disabilities with families poorer and having less access to jobs and services.

How we will help

Send a Cow works in a holistic way to build bonds between and within communities and keep projects sustainable. We will build capacity within community groups, delivering training in social development to improve understanding in gender, human rights and leadership skills among community groups of people with disabilities.

We will train women in sustainable farming techniques such as keyhole gardens, composting and soil and water conservation. These skills will significantly improve crop yields, improving food security, nutrition and incomes.