In Africa, Keyhole Gardens are built using local and recycled resources. We hope that you will be able to do this too. 

  • Root around your school grounds for the materials you could use.
  • Parents and governors are always the first port of call, but try to get your local community supporting you with this project - put a notice in a local shop window.
  • Local gardening centres or DIY stores are often keen to support schools, especially if this gives them a bit of extra publicity!
  • Farms, if you have one nearby, they are really good at sharing their manure and will often bring it directly to the school.
  • Perhaps you could invite the children to bring a small plant, bulb or some seedlings to put in your Keyhole Garden.

The only other advice is to give yourself enough time to get the resources together so that you can enjoy the whole experience of the African Garden Days.