Materials for the wall:

  • Maybe stone, brick, timber or other depending on the design and construction of your garden
  • Stone/bricks need to be ‘clean’ of mortar etc. to allow for bricklaying. 
  • Broken paving stones are good.
  • Try to use locally found or reclaimed/re-used materials if possible.

Materials for the compost basket (depending on the construction):
  •  12-15 sturdy sticks 1.5 m long (ash, hazel or willow are all good) for the uprights of basket.

For the ‘body’ of the basket:

  • Chicken wire (approx. 2m x 1m), or a bundle of flexible ‘withies’ (hazel/willow/birch) to weave the basket, or 10 metres of garden string/wireto lash the canes together.

4 x 1 cubic metre (minimum) of mixed soil and compost

  • This is 20x 50kg bags in total, 13x topsoil and 7x compost. Ratio is 2 parts topsoil to 1 part compost. It is advisable that this is delivered close to where the Keyhole Garden will be built.  

Straw or cardboard

  • For lining the compost basket.