Please contact our Supporter Care team to make any updates to your information by emailing [email protected] or write to


Supporter Care Team

Send a Cow

Newton St Loe



Ensuring we have the right personal information is really important to us. If you wish to correct any information on you held by Send a Cow please contact us on the details above

If you want to ask us to stop processing your personal data, we may continue to store your data to meet financial and other requirements. For example we are legally required to hold Gift Aid declaration information by the HMRC. We will retain enough of your personal information to ensure that your request can be respected in the future.. 

If you want us to delete your data, please note that permanently removing your details means that we cannot guarantee to not contact you as we will no longer hold a record of your request.  We also cannot delete any data that we are legally required to hold such as Gift Aid information.