To identify which group or community your donation would help would significantly increase administration costs, so less of your donation would go to the families you want to help. Our staff in Africa wouldn’t have the time or the resources to manage such a trip – it would distract from the work they do with the poor families we are working with. However, Send a Cow does keep in contact with all the families we help through our African offices. All beneficiaries get regular visits from extension workers and other staff.

We will send you news of the number of people that we’ve been able to help thanks to Send a Cow gifts, along with some case studies of families that have benefited. You can hear even more news from Send a Cow by signing up to our email newsletter.

You can also consider becoming a Family Friend. By giving at least £10 a month, you will be able to be part of the journey out of poverty with a family in urgent need. We’ll keep you updated on the amazing effect that regular giving has on an example family by sending you regular updates on how they are progressing – both the highs and the lows. Find out more here